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While the festive decorations are a key part of Christmas, it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a properly decorated Christmas table, would it? So take the opportunity to pack away your usual table cloth and splash out on a brand new set of Christmas linen for the festive season. It’ll look good for much longer than just Christmas Day, providing a splash of colour and a stunning way to dress your table.

 Why not invest in a co-ordinating set of Christmas linen?

Of course it doesn’t stop at a Christmas table cloth. You can get a matching table runner as well to compliment the set, not to mention a set of Christmas napkins. You may have considered getting paper napkins but you can create a far nicer effect if you invest in a nice set of cloth napkins instead. What’s more you can use them over and over again.

As you can see it’s easier than you might think to put together a set of linen to make your table look wonderfully festive this year. If you choose the right items your table cloth and accessories could become just as much a part of your traditional family Christmas as the turkey!

 Which colour scheme will you go for?

Colour is all important when you’re focusing on which table cloth, runners and napkins to buy. You can buy everything to match or get the table runner and napkins to contrast with the table cloth: the choice is yours.

Either way, we’re here to provide you with an impressive range of Christmas linen to choose from. So make sure you take the time to browse our collection: you’re sure to find the perfect set of linen to help you dress your table beautifully for the big day.

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